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Frequently Asked Questions


The first 100 users are guaranteed free access to all features for minimum 1 year – as long as they help by providing regular feedback. Later, we will have a “freemium” subscription model where some features are free and some are paid.


We want everyone to be able to use Timeline Investigator. But for the moment we only support English language. Later, we hope to add many more.

Basically, Timewebs for everyone who has a need to visualize events on a timeline and explore links to people, locations, objects.

File format support and integrations

The future roadmap will extend the file upload feature to support additional file types, including complex containers, e.g. PST-files, hard drive acquisitions and phone extraction formats. Also, we plan to integrate with e.g. Google Timeline, iCloud, Open Corporates, OSINT technologies, Funnel, etc.

About Timeline

Timewebs is being developed by Avian Digital Forensics, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Avian Digital Forensics is an international full-service provider of Digital Investigations technologies and professional services.


Yes, the data is stored encrypted in a dedicated tenant in Google Compute Cloud in Nordic Region (Finland), data is encrypted in transit using TLS.

In the current state, the admins on the platform are able to access the data through technical interfaces – strictly for technical data management and troubleshooting purposes. This access involves 5 persons from Avian in Denmark and France. All are security cleared to NATO Secret level by the Danish Government as suppliers. Technical measures are being developed to limit this access further in the future.

Timewebs looks simple but is actually quite complex to setup and manage. Delivering through an online subscription helps us manage just one platform, and keep the pricing low. We might introduce Timewebs on-prem for large customers later.