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Telling a visual story
has never been easier.

Timewebs makes it easier and more fun to communicate visual stories using P.O.L.E

People. Objects. Locations. Events.

Use Cases

Use Case: Education & Academia

Bring structure, fun and elegance to your teaching and research.




Engage your students in research, documentation, and visualization of their work on a timeline.

Task your students with plotting important historic or life events on a timeline, relate people and locations, and present in class using eye-catching visualizations.

Collaborate in groups to produce learning results together.

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Capture your knowledge of important developments in your line of study. Research and document and visualize your progress on a timeline, people and location relationship diagrams.

Plan your studies so that you can easily see when and where you are supposed to be in your curriculum and where to attend class on a timeline, relate studying partners or professors, locations using eye-catching visualizations..

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Capturing important events over time, relating people relationships and important locations is the life of every historian. Timewebs provides the perfect tool to staying structured, keeping overview and not missing any detail.

Upload and relate information from many sources, using state-of-the art search and AI-based suggestions for relevant information to consider

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Use Case: Your Life

Telling your story has never been easier and more fun. Bring back memories or plan for new ones with event visualizations, photos, locations and more.

Family Person

Person who loves memories

Person who loveslife planning

Memories are fun! Visualize your life, friends, important events and places – for your own pleasure ro to present at social gatherings, family parties, to your new best friend, surprise a family elder with a visual account of their life and most important people and places.

Why not get serious about planning your life? Plan where you want to be when and with whom. Update in real time as time goes by and capture important memories, photos, documents, and contacts.

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Going somewhere? Why not make the best out of it by planning plan where you want to be when and with whom. Visualize your route on a map, timeline when you you are visiting places with pictures that add to the excitement of going. Store tickets, travel documents and capture memories while travelling and find them easy when you need them. Share your plans and collaborate with your travel mates.

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We all look forward to special occasions. Be it a wedding, a bar mitzvah or maybe a guys’/girls’ night out? Plot the exact timing along with locations, and maybe who have important roles e.g. for exchanging vows, a speech or a special appearance. Add details, such dinner menu, catering order, or tickets for a show. Share the event with the other attendees as an untraditional invitation.

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Use Case: Business

Timelines makes your presentation of complex chains of events help you and your team understand plans better and engages the conversation around key milestones and order of work.

Project Manager



Presenting the project to the team should be a joy. With stunning visuals showing the project from start to finish with the key moments, people and locations at the forefront it can be.

Share visual and easy to understand project plans without the project members needing to download and learn how to use complicated project management software.

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Many business contracts are complicated to read, understand and follow. Often there are many dates, cutover events, locations for delivery or pickup and transport. Certain people have to be involved at just the right time and place. Start and end dates, billing and payment schedules all require visual representation on a timeline. Let Timewebs show you how easy it can be done.

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Use Case: Investigations

Turn Digital Investigations upside down. Document your facts first, then add, review and relate key evidence items to your facts. Use visual analysis to uncover hidden truths about why, what, who, where and how.

Private investigator

Government case handler


Civil rights activist

Cyber sec expert

The community relies on investigative journalists to be uncover the truth and hold authorities and powerful people accountable for their actions. Investigative journalism is about collaborating across borders to find key facts in mountains of documents and intelligence sources, often involving voice or video recordings, or scanned documents.

Timewebs allows teams to visualize findings, upload and search thousands of files, and relate them to key events and people. Using visuals, big data and AI to find the right information to uncover and communicate the truth.

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Large companies are have the number of employees corresponding to mid-sized cities, and like in cities not everyone behave appropriately. Some conduct themselves outside the code of conduct, some harass, and some perform criminal acts, such as fraud, bribery and money-laundering.

Timewebs turns digital investigations upside down. Documenting and visualizing sequence of events with little or no digital evidence is often a key initial step in performing early case assessment. This may prompt for further data gathering, indexing, search, review and visualization of relations between people, departments, organizations, and locations. Relevant data may be emails, documents, photos, and first hand accounts captured in statements or recordings. Being able to upload, search and relate key facts will be what proves the case or unwarranted suspicion – and export the facts and findings in an open format for further processing or archiving. Timewebs contains all the options to support this workflow.

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Establishing the kill chain is the priority action of any cyber incident. However, establishing the kill chain cyber incident teams often collaborate with multiple people in a company and its partners. These may not have the same tools or skills to collaborate using the technical toolset of the seasoned cyber incident professional.

Having a zero-footprint, visual and easy-to-use timeline tool may save critical time when trying to contain incidents, and help to document, evaluate and learn after the fact. Use the fast event entry dialog or upload events in CSV format to automatically create and visualize events with just one click. Do the same with systems definitions, user IDs, and organizations to relate events to these entities

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Use Case: Data Visualization & Analysis

Timelines, relationships and locations are key to many real-life data analysis problems. Timewebs makes it very easy to enter and visualize data on timeline, relationship diagrams and maps.

Data analyst

Visualizing sequence of events is a powerful method of understanding and analysing timing relationships in hundreds of use cases.

Timewebs has a very simple timeline feature that gets you started in minutes, but powerful and extensible to satisfy the most complex chronology. Use the fast event entry dialog or upload events in CSV format to automatically create and visualize events with just one click.

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How people, locations, organizations and events relate to each other is how we come to understand how things work in real life without being a part of it. Either to understand what happened, or what the current situation is or how it will be in the future.

Timewebs makes it easy to relate people, locations, organizations and events to each other and visualize these relationships on link diagrams, maps, timelines. Often the combination is what uncovers hidden information.

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Timelines and maps are common visual aids for communicating information. However, the development of *where* events take place over the course of time is something that requires very specialized tools that are either very difficult to use or very costly, often both.

Timewebs offers an easy way to track events over time on a map, e.g. to see development of occurrences in a geographical context, or to track a route that an object has taken over time.

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